ISFM Annual Conference|International Conference on Nuclear Structure & Reactions|Nestle Purina PetCare Seminar|Design Conference|Hrvatsko društvo za reanimatologiju - Tečajevi|Graduate Course & Summer School - Nanotechnology in Pharmacy & Medicine|CSCM - World Congress (Tbilisi, Georgia)|6th Balkan Symposium on Vegetables and Potatoes|European Tourism, Hotel & Catering Union Meeting|Kongres Hrvatskog društva obiteljske medicine|ECMO tečajevi, Rijeka|NOVEM 2015|zEEleni FEST|CSCM World Congress on CBRNe|Simone Congress|2nd ADRIATIC SCHOOL OF NANOSCIENCE|EXRS Annual Conference|International Scientific Symposium on Rudjer Boskovic|Prospective of Viticulture & Enology in Mediterranean|Mediterranean Congress on Chemotheraphy|European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP) Conference|The New Generation in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems 2015|World Bank Workshop|International Congress on Anthropological Sciences|Kick-off event Teaming EPFL & Croatia|20th International Diatom Symposium|GS1 Advisory Board Meeting|European Article Numbering Meeting|9th ICNMTA Conference|FECAVA 13th European Congress|FEPE Annual Congress|InNerMeD Symposium 2015|GS1 Croatia Annual Assembly|CBMTS Industry Series|Feline Annual Medicine Symposium|Konferencija "Profesionalna pitanja i izazovi u fizioterapiji"|37th European Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy|21st EBHL Meeting|GESCO Annual Meeting|6th ICCSM Congress|Air Quality International Conference|15th International Symposium on Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering|FEMS Annual Conference|3. Kongres hitne medicine s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem|Laser International Medical Congress|57th ICASM Congress|International Institute for Welding Annual Assembly|9th Central European Symposium on Pharmaceutical Technology|International Committee for Museums & Art Collections|Mettler Toledo Rainin Sales Meeting|GS1 Global General Assembly|Intelectual Property European Annual Congress|15th European ALARA Network Workshop & 5th EUTERP Workshop|European Symposium in Pediatric Neurosurgery|Hydropower & Dams International Conference|Sartorius European Workshop|New Challenges in Hemodynamics and Intensive Care Medicine|Tečaj i Simpozij NEONATOLOGIJA 2014|From Solid State to Biophysics|Hrvatsko društvo za hitnu medicinu i Hrvatsko sestrinsko društvo hitne medicine - Tečajevi|Lundbeck Regional Annual Meeting|European Congress on Gastroentherology|FESPA European Annual Meeting|NIV tečajevi, Slavonski Brod|


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There is the reason why some meetings and events run better than others. Our goal is simple - by combining efficiency, innovation and can-do attitude we strive to exceed your expectations. Let your meeting set the standards of a perfect organization – just contact us at and we will make sure it does. is Croatia’s premier company specializing in meeting management, sales incentive and performance motivation programs. We are a privately owned PCO, DMC & EMC (Professional Congress Organiser, Destination Management Company & Event Management Company) based in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. We arrange a wide variety of events: from small intimate gatherings for senior staff and board members to events with over 1,000 participants across Croatia and neighboring countries (Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia).

Our combination of technical knowledge and passion we put into everything we do, keeps our clients coming back again and again. The professionalism and dedication of our staff will guarantee the utmost success of your event - be it for 10 or 1,000 delegates. is a member of Croatian Convention & Incentive Bureau, Croatian Meeting Professionals Association, Croatian Association of Travel Agencies and - the only one from Croatia - a member of European Federation of Associations of PCOs (EFAPCO).

Our mission strives to deliver the utmost professional service in meeting industry and special interest tourism to our customers who are our stakeholders. We advocate sustainable tourism by respecting the law, supporting universal human rights, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing cultural interaction and ensuring economic benefits to the community.

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